The asthma allergy nordic hjälper konsumenten välja rätt varumärken och produkter i butik. Att välja rätt och att undvika produkter med innehåll av kemikalier och ämnen som ger allergiska reaktioner.

Why endorse your Brand?


The Asthma Allergy Nordic label gives your brand a strong boost and helps the consumer make a good choice in the store. The number of people who desire products without allergens or irritants is ever growing. The reasons are many; they may have an allergy or hypersensitivity to certain substances – or they want to avoid developing one. But there is also a large group of consumers who simply want to make a sound choice for themselves and their children.


Astma- och Allergiförbundets märkning Svalan / Svalmärkningen går samman med Danske Astma-allergi Danmark Den blå krans och Norske Astma- og Allergiforbundets märkning NAAF och bildar tillsammans Asthma Allergy Nordic. Selected with care. Erfarenhet och expertis.

What is Asthma Allergy Nordic?

A new product label developed by the Nordic asthma and allergy organisations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Our organisations have a long history of, and great experience in, working with asthma, allergy and other hypersensitivity. We review products and provide members and other consumers with recommended products. With this united label we have consolidated our knowledge, experience and expertise to meet the growing need for consumer guidance and to offer brand owners an international label.

Ökad förfrågan av produkter för människor med allergi eller astma. Parfymfria allternativ. Asthma Allergy Nordic label vägleder dig som konsument till rätt valda alternativ av produkter utan kemikalier och tillsatser som framkallar allergier.

Increasing demand for gentle products

The Asthma Allergy Nordic label represents the high Nordic standards that are known and appreciated around the globe. As new chemicals and scientific breakthroughs constantly affect the manufacturing industry, it is hard for the general public to determine the standard of a product. By reviewing and endorsing your product within the Asthma Allergy Nordic label you can influence the customers buying process, and meet the market demands.



Apply here

In the transition period the three countries have chosen to split the product segments so that they are each responsible for areas in which they have great professional expertise. If you are a new customer and want to apply, you need to contact the country responsible for the relevant segment. Existing customers may contact the country they already have their relations with

astma- og allergiforbundet Norway


Building materials
Duvets, pillows and bedding
Floor materials

Find out more about the Norwegian criterias here

astma och allergiförbundet Sweden


Air purifiers
Beds and mattress pads  
Vacuum cleaners
Washing and cleaning

Find out more about the Swedish criterias here

astma- allergi Denmanrk


Care products including make-up
Tissues and hygiene products


Find out more about the Danish criterias here


Evaluation price: Price on an hourly basis, depending on how long time the processing takes.
The hourly rate is 150 EUR/hour for evaluation, regardless of the country.

Turnover fees

The Nordic region
0.5% of turnover for care products, washing/cleaning, tissues and hygiene products:
1% of turnover for other products

Max. 50,000 EUR per country in the Nordic region
Min. 1,500 EUR per country in the Nordic region

Outside the Nordic region
0.2% of turnover for care products, washing/cleaning, tissues and hygiene products:
0.4 % of turnover for other products
Max. 30,000 EUR totalt outside the Nordic region
Min. 1,500 EUR in total

Please note that all income goes directly back to running the labelling scheme and fund the charity organisations behind it.
There are no shareholders or any corporate commercial interests benefitting from the potential surplus.