What we consider when we
recommend air purifiers


People living in northern Europe spend large part of their lives indoors. The indoor air, therefore, becomes very important for our health. A high amount of dust and particles contributes to an unhealthy indoor air which may irritate mucous membrane. Airborne allergens such as pollen, fur or mitesā€™ allergens cause nuisances for people allergic to those. Indoors gas may also have a bad impact on health. People having allergic or non-allergic respiratory complaints (rhinitis or asthma) may experience easement by breathing filtered air.

There are many different techniques available to reduce unwanted substances from the indoor air. Asthma Allergy Nordic assesses only air purifiers with filters and measures the ability to deliver clean air at 30dBA. The noise is of importance when the air purifiers are placed for instance in a bedroom where it is desirable to have a calm environment.

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